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Timber Treatment (Wood Worm, Dry Rot, Wet Rot)

Woodworm is the commonly used term for wood boring insects which lay their eggs on or in timber and whose larvae bore through the wood leaving a network of tunnels, damaging and weakening structure.

Woodworm attack is varied – both in the type of timber species infest and their larval life-span which can range from ten months to 11 years.


This means that accurate identification by the surveyor is the first essential step because not all infestations need treatment.


The 2 main woodworm species are:

  • Common Furniture Beetle which is responsible for about 75% of damage to property.

  • Wood Boring Weevil which is normally associated with damp timber and wet rot decay.


Woodworm Survey


A thorough survey of the building is needed to locate the areas of active woodworm infestation. In domestic buildings it may be necessary to lift sections of floorboards and gain access to lofts and roof voids.


Where timbers are heavily infested by woodworm and wood rot and have to be cut away and replaced our surveyor will also consider the structural aspects of the building.


Woodworm Treatment


We only use the latest environmentally friendly chemicals and are always looking to improve the treatments we use.


We provide a 20 year guarantee with timber infestation treatments. An additional insurance backed guarantee can be purchased.


Dry/ Wet Rot


Dry Rot 

If left untreated dry rot can be a serious threat to a property, causing extensive damage to timbers and masonry. It is generally caused by a combination of a lack of ventilation and a readily available source of moisture e.g. blocked drains/ leaking pipes or guttering.


Wet Rot

Wet rot has varying characteristics, although it only affects timber. It is usually remedied with treatment and renewal of affected timbers.

We provide a 20 year guarantee with dry rot treatments. An additional insurance backed guarantee can be purchased.


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