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Basement Water Proofing

Where there is high water ingress (for example high water table/ high ground) the instalation of a sump and pump system allows for any water ingress to be pumped to a prepared outlet area.


We offer two types of waterproofing systems used for earth retained walls, basements and vaults.


Cavity Drain Membrane (Tanking) blocks any possible water ingress away from the area.                                                                                                                Cavity Drain Membrane guides any possible water ingress into drain channels and takes it away to a prepared outlet area. Where there is high water ingress (for example: high water table/ hill properties) the installation of a sump and pump system allows for large amounts of ingress water to be pumped to a prepared outlet area.


Cementitious Waterproofing (Also known as ‘Tanking’)

Cementitious replastering or tanking is a technique of applying a mixed slurry waterproofing application directly onto prepared walls and incorporating a floor lap. This forms a bond with the masonry causing any water ingress to divert away from the area. A floor lap must be incorporated to form a ‘tank’ system, although with most basement/ earth retained areas there are usually windows and doors. This system is not exactly ‘tanked’. It is more ‘sectional tanked’-which is why it is generally known as cementitious waterproofing.

This system can withstand high water pressure and it is most suitable for complex structures, where space is limited and does not require the installation of a pump system. The downside to cementitious waterproofing is that no drilling/ puncturing of the system are allowed as this will break down the tanking effect. With this system decorating has to be delayed to allow for the drying out process of the cementitious waterproofing application.


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